help companies MAKE PLAN

The greatest source of frustration and failure for CEOs is their inability to make plan on time and on budget.  Successfully implemented in companies of all sizes, in widely differing industries, and a variety of markets and market conditions, our practical processes help companies make plan virtually 100% of the time, year after year. And these companies become sought-after places to work because the environments are fair, reasonable, and rewarding.

The organization is a gold mine of performance opportunities.  It is the job of Leadership and Management to become highly effective “miners” of bottom-line dollars to be found in effective organization planning and staffing. 

Implementing Valant & Company’s Leadership, Management and Organization processes provide the basis for executing effectively, and consistently and reliably growing your company's value year after year. 

Helping companies like yours achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, improve operating performance predictably and measureably, and generate consistent longterm growth in value

Improving Company Performance since 1988


a goldmine of opportunities

Valant & Company is a performance improvement consultancy whose clients range from $5 million to more than $5 billion in annual revenues and whose industries cross a wide spectrum of goods and services  - manufacturing and distribution, finance, and professional service firms. Founded in 1988, we are headquartered in Denver, Colorado with offices in Florida. 
Valant & Company
Improving Company Performance since 1988