Laurence B. Valant,

Founder and President

As the founder of Valant & Company, Larry's consulting leadership has extended from well-funded and successful start-ups (achieving first year profitable sales in excess of $35 million) to $5.0 billion + companies.  Larry has over forty years of general management and strategic, organization, marketing, operations, IT, and executive compensation consulting experience. Beginning his professional career as a consultant with Touche Ross, Larry later became COO of an $800 million subsidiary of IU International. He has served as COO and CEO for several companies, and has managed significant projects for Samsonite Corporation, Associated Metals and Minerals, Hunter Douglas Corporation, Vitality Beverages, and Buffets, Inc.

As plant manager for a 1 million square foot, 1,500 person heavy manufacturing plant, vice president of product planning and marketing for a $500 million consumer products company; and having established executive compensation plans using Residual Income (RI) for many companies across a variety of industries, Larry has substantial functional expertise. 

Larry founded Valant & Company in 1988. Since then, he and his partners have implemented Valant's Effective Execution process in and successfully grown the value of over 225 client companies. These clients represent industries ranging from heavy manufacturing to distribution, to transportation and automotive, to financial and professional services, to successful (yet today) e-commerce companies, to foodservice and restaurant companies, to aviation sales and service firms. With virtually all these clients, Valant & Company was able to help their CEO's and management Teams implement execution approaches that led to making plan and growing company value predictably, as projected, and as expected by owners, stakeholders, and shareholders.

A former marine, Larry attended Princeton and Indiana Universities where he earned his BS and MBA degrees with distinction.