Our projects typically return at least three times their cost in the year following project completion. 

Valant & Company is a performance improvement consultancy whose more than 220 clients ranged from $5 million to more than $5 billion in annual revenues.  Founded in 1988 our teams have worked with a wide range of industries including manufacturing, distribution, and professional service firms. 

Every Valant Partner and Manager has held P & L responsibility

Headquartered in Denver, CO with operations in Florida, Valant & Company does not sell reports.  We work with our client companies to plan, develop and implement what we recommend. We report weekly on the project status to the client CEO who controls our engagement. 

Valant Teams deliver quantifiable, predictable results

 Valant Teams enable companies to execute effectively to make plan, on time and on budget.  We implement systems and processes that consistently improve company performance, both short and long term, increase profitability and increase long term company value. And, once implemented, Valant systems and processes provide ongoing benefits. 

 Improvement in our client’s quantifiable value is predictable

CLIENT Testimonials

"The crew at Valant and Company is absolutely the best. Everyone in our building really appreciates their work and the job they do." - Bruce P.

Valant & Company
"We had a good accounting firm, a profitable accounting firm and we had a great track record of business achievement and superior client service.  But, we knew we could be even better and achieve even more.  What we needed was the discipline to stay the course and the accountability to make sure our objectives turned into reality.  Having Larry Valant and his team on board has caused our accounting firm literally to soar to new heights, and we are now hitting goals we only dreamed of five years ago."

Valant & Company implements systems and processes that consistently improve company performance
both short and long term, increase profitablity and increase long term company value. 
Improving Company Performance since 1988
W.M. (Mack) Lawhon, Chairman, Weaver LLP, $90 mm, Texas based accounting and business advisory firm. 

Improvement in our client's quantifiable value is predictable